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SoHo Makeup Academy. Located in Niles IL School dedicated to the art of makeup.

About Us




The SoHo Makeup Academy’s goal is to help all of our graduates achieve their full potential as makeup artists!

SoHo Makeup Academy, founded 2002 in Chicago, offers unique, comprehensive state-certified makeup art program. Located in Niles, SoHo makeup school is dedicated to all aspects of the makeup. We believe our unique program structure provides the best way to build confidence and technical skills, with knowledgeable teachers guiding you along the way.

President of SoHo MAKEUP ACADEMY Jolanta Kaczmarska-Waltos (Yola Waltos) shares with students her extensive 25 years makeup artist experience, to help them achieve perfect techniques and, what is the most important, to open students’ minds for creation.


Join one of the most interesting fields in the beauty industry. Practice on sophisticated equipment, brushes and luxury brands cosmetics.